Lotus Greens

Lotus Greens

90 Crores | 6.277 Acres | Conceptual Stage

An exemplary and enthralling structure, the Lotus Green’s I.T. Development building defines modern office structures. The full height fins on the façade act as a shading device along with making the building visually impressive. Passive design strategies like building shape and orientation, Passive Solar Design, and the use of a lot of natural lighting dramatically affect the building’s energy performance.

Project Features

1 The transparency of glass makes us aware of the elements of interior architecture that are normally hidden by the external facets of the building and its sleek, all glass fa├žade achieves that.
2 Well shaded pathways and segregation of vehicular and pedestrian movement make it a stress-free traffic zone.
3 Water bodies are provided to keep the outer atmosphere cool even during the daytime.
4 Stunning landscapes surround this environmentally friendly building.