Sikka Downtown

Sikka Downtown

270 Crores | 2.735 Acres | Ongoing

The success of a mixed use development arises from a design that demonstrates an in depth understanding of all building types, including commercial, retail, hospitality and serviced apartments. The spaces, of this majestic project, have been designed according to the unique parameters of each use and orchestrate their assemblage into a complex that functions like a living organism. Strategically located next to the DND Flyway, it is a prime location in Noida and is very well connected to South Delhi.

Project Features

1 Considerable thought has been given to the design of the commercial office block. The eight storey block provides ample amenity space, ensuring that all parts of the office enjoy light and views.
2 Articulated walls create low and high pressure areas and allow cross flow.
3 In the retail block, pedestrian movement has especially been taken care of, along with dedicated drop offs on each axis.
4 A curving naturally lit atrium acts as a hub and encourages a sense of community.
5 The hotel’s main entry drive is separated to create a sequential experience on arrival, offer security and privacy to the guest. The functions are organized on a vertical axis.
6 The angular edges of the 30 storey serviced apartment tower continue, tapering and bending.
7 The alteration in floor plates allow for communal and semi-private spaces enabling the tower to ‘breathe’ within its dense context.
8 The result is a thin, lightweight tower that maintains its presence in its context and climate.