Spaze 92

Spaze 92

920 Crores | 2.718 Acres | Ongoing

The commercial tower for Spaze in Gurgaon has a unique feature that sets it apart. Its box-like horizontal projections shade the entire building as well as the central court. The central open court being free of any building blocks, is very well ventilated with a lot of natural light and air, and is shaded through most of the day. Planning has been done keeping vastu in mind.

Project Features

1 The design benefits greatly from the sun path as the orientation of the tower keeps the open courts of the retail area shaded for most of the day.
2 At the South-East fa├žade, higher floors that will be exposed to the sun all year round have been given solid facades.
3 The South-West side of the building is provided with horizontal projections for self shading to prevent it from exposure to sun during the day.
4 Horizontal box projections keep the apartment rooms and building shaded all year round, and balco-nies with glazed facades help in heat gain during winters.