Spaze Corporate Park

Spaze Corporate Park

70 Crores | 5,22,039 sq.ft. built-up | Ongoing

The main aim of Spaze Corporate Park is to create a place that is convenient to access and delightful as a destination; whether for shopping, gathering, meeting someone for an afteroon tea, strolling or simply lingering around. The external facades of the building aim to make a statement from afar; with its bold forms, architecturally integrated signage graphics and its exterior lighting- which further enhances the form. Rich colors and patterns are used to convey an attitude of comfort and leisure while generously landscaped areas and event plazas are concieved as flexible multi-functional spaces for various uses.

Project Features

1 It has a series of spaces with contrast and feeling, to make the leisure and shopping experience more interesting have been created.
2 The retail block is organised into horizontal zones with generous and ample cross visibility.
3 Instead of an creating a typical atrium structure, a shopping arcade experience and feel has been given to the retail block.
4 The plan carefully opens out to allow for views of the vibrant interior spaces and to reinforce the visual richness-from inside to outside and vice versa.
5 Separate drop-offs for the retail and office blocks effectively insulate the two activity zones.