Spaze Corporate Parkk

Spaze Corporate Parkk

Rs 80 Crore | 2.91 Lakh sq ft | Ongoing

Spaze Corporate Parkk is an easily accessible and delightful destination, for shopping, socializing over a cuppa coffee or just hanging around. A series of places and spaces are created with contrast and feeling to provide the users a fascinating shopping experience and a place to unwind. The design effectively links the planning intents to the awesome scale of the building, consciously attempts to give the plaza a feel of a shopping arcade. The approach is a clear shift from conventional Atrium design.

Services Rendered:

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • Services
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Electrical
  • Landscape
  • Project Management

Project Features

1 The exterior design makes a statement from afar. Its bold forms, integrated signage, exterior lighting all seem to be a collection of parts.
2 The vibrant interior spaces reinforce the visual richness from inside–out and outside–in, with rich colors and patterns conveying attitude of comfort and leisure. Generously landscaped areas and event plazas provide for a flexible multi-function utility.
3 The retail section is organized into horizontal zones with clear cross visibility. The office space, comprising a total of 15,800 sq. m., has 9 floors measuring 1,100 sq. m. each. Separate drop-offs are designed for the retail and office zones. Compact planning for services and circulation provide larger sale areas on the floors.