Imperia Elvedor

Imperia Elvedor

Rs. 90 Crore | 6 Acres | Ongoing

Super luxurious living with its own distinctive character, Imperia redefines opulent lifestyle. Commercial hub with retail area at 2 floors and service apartments above, is one place for shop and live in unique style. Well equipped with facilities like Multiplex (3no's) with total seating capacity around 500 persons , entertainment area, huge atriums with leisure activities and restaurants with aesthetic environ. The uniqueness of Imperia lies in use of sustainable technologies and the innovative planning principals leading to creation of the commercial hub that aims to be carbon and zone waste neutral. Its architectural blueprint mimics the forces of nature to produce a structure that is not only a wonder for people to visit, live and relax from hectic life, but one that is also the most exclusive destination to enjoy life.

Services Rendered:

  • Architecture
  • Interiors
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Electrical
  • Landscape
  • Project Management

Project Features

1 Service apartments well quipped with best and latest facilities is a must to stay for once. Service apartments redefines hospitality & conjured up a chic boutique service apartments Optimum glazing quantities and options to reduce glare and solar gain in apartments and common building areas, achieved by selecting the appropriate type of glass for different use areas.
2 Optimum harnessing of natural light and heat all around the year, efficient HVAC system, multiple shading devices to keep light in and heat comfortably out, recycle of waste water,harvesting rain water make this building eco-friendly and energy efficient.
3 Variations in the heights of building blocks adds visual interest and break up for more pleasing and visual harmonious elements.Continuous shop fronts will help create functional links along important pedestrian connections.
4 Imperia can be identified and built on themes unique to their downtown areas (using natural, architectural and cultural assets) to establish an inviting market identity and an environment that adds delight to the shopping experience.
5 Unhindered segregated flow for both pedestrians and vehicles. Designated drop-offs. Road surface to control the speed of vehicle flow. Surface parking provision for visitors and guests.
6 An attractive outdoor environment ( a plaza or special streets) that serves as a social space and identifiable focus can help stabilize existing businesses which can lead to workable & successful commercial building.
7 The distinction between floors is bridged by activities spread over and continuing across levels. A pedestrian-first environment gets created by the central street branching off into various functional zones and is activated with bridges, ramps,elevators and escalators that encourage intersections between the landscape and user. Separate entrance plazas & alighting areas are dedicated for individual building blocks.