Global Reality

Global Reality


The design concept of this housing project centres around spatial inter-penetration and internal and external spaces that coalesce. Varying degrees of transparency are achieved with the use of a range of materials and architectural elements, creating spaces that are private and enclosed and alternatively, extending to openly embrace the surrounding landscape.

Services Rendered:

  • The interplay of solids and voids, timber undersides, large Architecture
  • Structure
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting, Electrical
  • Landscape
  • Project Management

Project Features

1 The central garden accentuates the core of the site, embedded by interconnecting roads. Meticulous planning ensures that every flat looks out on to this green space.
2 The design is a progression of a series of spaces specifically meant for a single perspective experience. The choice of subtle materials gives the exteriors an overall understated expression.