The Krishna Valley Villas

The Krishna Valley Villas

Rs 16 Crore | 25000 sq ft | 2006

<p>This is a residential plotted development spread across an area of 2.92 acres, with a total of 118 residential units. Meticulous planning ensures that all the units face the central green. Each row house is a combination of a single and duplex unit. Surfaces have been articulated with elements borrowed from the classical style of architecture. Large French doors and windows allow ample sun in the living area. In consonance with the built forms, the streetscape follows in similar style.</p> <div class="service-render"> <h3>Services Rendered:</h3> <ul> <li>Architecture</li> <li>Structure</li> <li>Plumbing</li> <li>Fire Fighting</li> <li>Electrical</li> <li>Landscape</li> <li>Project Management</li> </ul> </div>

Project Features

1 The row houses when viewed from the central green, one can see that pediments, cornices, balusters and French doors, all contribute to giving the promenade a classical feel.