New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

Rs 240 Crore | 700000 sq ft | 2010

The site has been conceptualized to encompass three office towers of varying heights interlinked at upper floors, and a large central open space. The high rise office tower with its dynamic spiral form would contribute to the new emerging skyline of Noida.

Services Rendered:

  • Structure
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Electrical
  • Landscape

Project Features

1 The large central open area offers an interesting discourse between the tall building and the entire skyline. Strategies that have been adopted here would dramatically affect the energy performance of the building. These measures include building shape and orientation, passive solar design and the use of natural lighting.
2 The complex would be designed, built and operated in an ecological and resource efficient manner.
3 The design of the complex ensures judicious use of resources. Using the principles of storm water management, rain water will be collected in pits to have zero discharge in the municipal drainage. The landscaping too has been planned to be water efficient with techniques such as growth of native plants and high efficiency irrigation system that uses 100% recycled water for this purpose. The building saves 51% energy over a regular office building.
4 The objectives laid down for the building include health and safety of the occupants, improvement in the productivity of the employees and reduced overall impact on the environment.