D D Motors

D D Motors


The client’s vision of an office with a sense of continuity in space inspired the design of DD Motors’ new facility in New Delhi. This is a distinctive environment where daylight permeates from perimeter walls lined by private offices, far into the open areas of the interior. The functional yet stylish contemporary design conveys the ability to coordinate multiple building styles in delivering a high quality end product within a tight budget and fast timetable. Among the varied facilities are a reception and waiting area, executive boardroom, private offices, marketing suites, and open plan positions for operations and estimating teams.

Services Rendered:

  • Interiors
  • Architecture
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting, Electrical
  • Landscape
  • Project Management

Project Features

1 The office comes equipped with all the modern facilities for conducting business. A discussion room that allows for privacy in an open area, a well-lit boardroom and open workstations mark the interiors.
2 No effort has been spared to make every space - private offices, conference rooms, the reception area and file storage, feel spacious and elegant.
3 Layers of glass establish the openness, beginning with full-height glazed walls for private offices and glazed partitions for discussion rooms
4 Private offices and conference rooms are distinguished by timeless materials such as coffee mahogany veneer and textiles, as well as comfortable modern furnishings.
5 The office, comprising of all its elements is one single entity, which is linked together by corridors and/or stairways.
6 A common theme running throughout the office celebrates its unity. This unity has been achieved by using similar wall colours, textures and interior style.
7 The plush manager’s cabin, sparingly designed and with modern amenities. The accounts section features partitioned work spaces for privacy while the Marketing section thrives on more openness for an environment that fosters interaction.
8 The work areas are fitted out as large, open plan spaces with minimal customization to facilitate re-assignment and promote communication between different groups working together.
9 The reception area flows into the circulation spine to give a feeling of expanse. Materials and furnishings simultaneously reinforce the desired image of understated elegance