Taj NRI City

Taj NRI City

Rs 50 Crore | 45 Acres | Ongoing

Taj NRI City is spread across an area of approximately 23 acres wherein 15 acres is for residence, housing and commercial zones. The township provides a unique lifestyle to those who believe in the beauty of life and living well. Setting a model of itself, Taj NRI City offers an exclusive range of dwelling options in the form of villas, plots and apartments especially for a lifestyle clientele.

Project Features

1 The NRI City offers an integrated lifestyle to the upper end of income groups. NRIs, industrialists, business leaders, senior executives, bureaucrats, and celebrities will find something to cheer about at Taj.
2 Liberal use of modern yet artistic facades, textures and articulate fascia keeps nature close at Taj NRI City. Town planning has kept an eye on future extensions in various dimensions.