3.806 Acres |

This captivating high-rise has an evolutionary design that makes it a landmark in modern architecture. The two towers, along with the retail block create harmony in terms of functionality and design. It’s a state-of-the-art structure with all modern amenities. It is strategically located 20 minutes away from IGI airport and a minute away from the Dwarka Expressway



Project Features

1 The complex comprises of shops and anchor stores on the ground and first floors.
2 While the shorter of the two towers incorporates the offices from the third floor and above; the taller tower has service apartments with an unrestricted view of the surrounding greens.
3 The central space creates a smooth flow of light and ventilation for the retail block and connects the two towers rhythmically.
4 The retail space has been designed to provide exposure as well as ease of access at the pedestrian level, retail identification and a clear view.