Imperia H20 Arcade

Imperia H20 Arcade

6.22 Acres | Conceptual Stage

The Imperia H2O Arcade is a progressive complex with sleek glass walls, mesmerizing open spaces and attrac-tive façades. It derives it aesthetics from the contemporary expressions of modern day building materials like glass, aluminum, and steel. It’s outdoor landscaped plazas, enhanced with water bodies, plants, trees and beautiful lighting provides its shoppers with a rich and soulful experience; making it a novel urban space for relaxation and entertainment.

Project Features

1 The transparency of glass makes us aware of the elements of interior architecture that are normally hidden by the external facets of the building and its sleek, all glass fa├žade achieves that.
2 Well shaded pathways and segregation of vehicular and pedestrian movement make it a stress-free traffic zone.
3 Water bodies are provided to keep the outer atmosphere cool even during the daytime.
4 Stunning landscapes surround this environmentally friendly building.