Karnataka Housing Board with Spirit Global (PPP)

Karnataka Housing Board with Spirit Global (PPP)

Rs 120 Crore | 4.79 Acres | 2008

The architecture vocabulary of this shopping mall cum convention centre is modern design with an emphasis on clear expression of structure, rational approach to the organization of spaces, and attention to detail in different building materials. The access, linkages and parking are well-thought out as is the placement of building blocks to reinforce a strong sense of axis and movement. Meticulous circulation-planning ensures that all blocks have separate parking spaces. As one walks through the promenade, one can sense the overall architecture unfolding in a series of carefully orchestrated phenomenological experiences.

Services Rendered:

  • Architecture
  • Structure
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Electrical
  • Landscape
  • Project Management


Project Features

1 Karnataka Housing Board with Spirit Global (PPP) The emphasis on horizontal design and straight lines is reinforced through horizontal timber louvers over a glass facade.