The Malwa HBN

The Malwa HBN

Rs 200 Crore | 6 Acres | 2009

This shopping mall cum multiplex with its state-ofthe- art facilities and very high indent specifications combines retail, restaurant, entertainment and culture under one roof. It also features a large Hyper market at the lower ground level and large format retail stores at upper levels.

Services Rendered:

  • Architecture
  • Structure
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Fighting
  • Electrical
  • Landscape
  • Project Management


Project Features

1 HBN Homes and Colonizers (P) Ltd The shopping mall is built around a main spine without secondary passages. All shops are distributed around both sides of the spine so as to avoid dead angles.
2 A number of skylights have been created to provide natural light with the intention of always letting nature in.
3 Above the main entrance, the protruding roof helps create a concise urban space. The wide edge of the roof creates a volume that draws visitors into the building.