ACPL provides end to end solutions to its clients, delivering architecture and planning solutions for today’s challenges.

With our years of experience we bring an in-depth understanding of prevalent technologies and an integrated design approach for projects of all scale.

  • Urban Planning

    Urban Planning

    Planning the spaces between buildings is the key to harmony between the various elements of a habitat. We plan so as to create memorable urban experiences - for the commuter, pedestrian and the explorer at large.

  • Buildings & Architecture

    Buildings & Architecture
    Human Factors

    Good design shapes the human experience, improves the quality of the built environment; is sustainable and helps conserve resources. Our goal always is to keep design functional without compromising on form and aesthetic.

  • Interior Design

    Interior Design

    What goes inside a building is a key area of our design services. We use design to create awe-inspiring environments for the end-users; enhancing how people interact with spaces for better living and business.

  • Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture

    ACPL’s landscape architecture blends creative design with complex ecosystems to establish a unique sense of location. Creating environments that complement the buildings is as much about science as it is about art.

  • Design Engineering

    Design Engineering

    Seamless integration of structural, electrical, mechanical, civil, HVAC, and public health engineering solutions into the design.

  • Design & Build

    Design & Build
    Turnkey Project

    ACPL brings design and construction professionals together to provide greater control and flexibility for maximizing value for their clients. Our design & build service streamlines design, permit, and construction schedules in a collaborative environment.

    Our clients have greater access to the project “team” during the project development. Instead of having several contractors and consultants, our clients have just one entity to deal with. Design revisions, project feedback, budgeting, permitting, construction issues, change orders, and billing can all be routed through ACPL. This single point of contact allows a certain degree of flexibility for our clients. ACPL leverages that flexibility for the client’s benefit by continually refining the construction program to maximize their value at the completion of the project.

    ACPL resolves the design parameters considering with the budgetary goals - weighing the construction methodologies and budget conditions together - a project is thus more likely to be successfully realized.